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Website Design
Graphic/HTML -- $60/hour
Scripting/Database/Flash -- $90/hour

The Problem With Design Packages
It is a common misconception that you can just call up a web designer and find out how much websites cost. Yes, an experienced web designer can give you a very close estimate if he/she knows EXACTLY what you want in your website. Unfortunately, every website is different, and each business owner has different needs. If a web designer offers you a web design "Package" for a particular price, you can be assured that you will be getting a website very much like every other website owner who has purchased that design "Package".


How to Get an Accurate Quote
In order for you to get an accurate web design quote, you will need to know several things:


  • Will you need a custom logo designed?
  • How many custom images will need to be created?
  • How many images will need to be scanned?
  • What will your website accomplish:
    * Will it be an online business card?
    * Will it be an online brochure?
    * Will it be an online catalog?
  • If it's an online catalog...
    * Will you need your catalog to calculate totals?
    * Do you want it to verify credit cards in real-time?
    * Approximately how many pages will it need to be?
    * If it's a catalog, how many products will you have?
  • Will you want it done using Flash animations?


If the designer is experienced, he/she should be able to give you a price quote that is accurate. The finished product should not exceed 10% more than the quote, unless changes to the site design are agreed upon after the initial quote.

How to choose a designer
The quality of your website depends on two things:

  • The quality of the information you provide to your designer
  • The experience, ability, and creativity of your designer

Many company owners make the mistake of letting a friend or relative design their site. Don't allow a novice designer to design your site just because he or she knows how to use Microsoft FrontPage! You will want to have a designer that has artistic ability, a knowledge of information mapping, (arranging data in a format that facilitates absorption by the viewer), who knows how to optimize images so your website loads in an acceptable amount of time, and who has experience creating their own images. Many novice designers use stock graphics from a graphics CD or somebody else's website that will make your site look unprofessional. There is absolutely no reason that your small-business site can't look as professional as a multi-billion dollar company's website. That is what makes the Internet such a great sales medium.


Remember: Your company's image is directly related to the quality of your site.


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